"So Now, Where Were We?"

Aug 13 - 21, 2020

"So Now, Where Were We?"

A month-long, live stream music series

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Thursday, August 13

Kendall Street Company
The Perfect Storm
with Host Koda Kerl
and Chris Alan

“So Now, Where Were We? ”

A Month-long weekly streamed series celebrating the character of our town through the lens of our rich local music community. C’ville is strong and resilient. It has been tested but we’re still standing. While the challenges we still face would seem unfathomable, we have been tested & will persevere.

The Jefferson Theater has been a place to share our best moments together. Let’s do it again (from a distance) as we introduce our weekly program “So Now, Where Were We?” Showcasing our rich local music community & local voices sharing stories of hope, determination & joy.

August 6th, our inaugural show, will feature musical guests, Chamomile & Whiskey, The Charles Owens Trio & Waasi. Our host, this week, will be Louis Smith from Kendall Street Company & featuring Chris Alan.

Tune in for a program we hope will inspire and remind us why we love this town.

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