Disco Risqué / Lord Nelson

Fri, Jul 30, 2021

Disco Risqué / Lord Nelson

with Orion & The Melted Crayons

About Disco Risqué:

Disco Risqué is Charlie Murchie (Lead Guitar), Robert “Slim” Prescott (Drums/Vocals), Ryan “Swimsuit” Calonder (Vocals/Trumpet/Rhythm Guitar, Andrew “The Champ” Hollifield (Bass), and Sean Hodge (Keys/Vocals).  Founded in 2014 in Charlottesville, Va the band’s early intentions involved writing music that was both brutal and catchy, aggressive but melodic, heavy yet danceable. With the addition of Sean on keys in the Fall of 2020 the band’s sound inherited a new fullness and warmth that allowed for bigger arrangements.

In February of 2021 the band released an EP titled D3P that brings forth a new engagement with fans of pop music. Recorded in Charlottesville at The Sound, mixed in Richmond, VA by Ricky Olson, and mastered by Fred Kevorkian, the EP has three songs (Drawing Blood pt. 2, The Scene, Pre Fluff Party Fyfe) that highlight the rock, funk, and pop side of the band’s songwriting. “You can just hear the band has matured every time we come out of the studio,” says lead guitar player Charlie Murchie.

Looking forward, fans can anticipate more new music coming from the band before the summer that takes a more progressive and heavy route. Expect to see Disco Risqué back out playing live regularly as the world reopens for business.

About Lord Nelson:

Lord Nelson has won many fans over the last several years with their spirited live performances and serious musical chops. Those fans should raise a glass, because they’re about to get their ears blown off with the new full-length album Through the Night, set for a late spring release. The album possesses a depth of sound that can only come from the frequent addition of piano, organ, and horns to guitar-based rock. This set of songs, written on the road and between tours, explores dark themes of relationships, the political climate of the country, and what it means to spend your days in a van, traveling the highways of America.


Musically, the songs don’t hesitate to dive deep into grooves, peeling off that outer layer of song craft to illustrate a wide palate. With haunting guitars, a driving rhythm section, and big chorus’, this album represents a thin coat of finish on a hard worn sound.  The lead-off single “Tail Lights” grapples with the joys and challenges of the road for those on it and those left at home. Other standout tracks include the powerful “Second Chances,” the zeitgeist commentary of “Southern Discomfort” and “Safety Meeting.” A moment of levity with the swamp tinged “Good Time” provides a snapshot into the simple pleasures.


Produced over the last year by Dave Stipe (Rockfish Music) at Monkeyclaus Studio in Nelson County, VA, the record has a full, Rock’n’Roll identity, heavily laced with Americana and Soul. Whether it’s a fat horn section under a slide guitar riff, propelling it powerfully forward, or a harmony vocal giving the song an extra dimension, the album illustrates the power of a band bringing lyric driven songs to full expression. As anyone who has seen their live show will tell you, while there are several excellent solos and impressive individual moments, the thing that gets you – the thing that keeps you coming back – is that full sound. Sonically, the band is greater than the sum of its parts, in the best possible way.


The unified musicianship of the band serves as a solid home base for the searching lyrics of lead singer and guitarist Kai Crowe-Getty. In addition, the band’s multi-instrumentalist, Henry Jones, takes a break from keys and trombone to jump on the mic for a few tracks, bringing an R&B urgency. The current lineup includes Jones’s brother Calloway on lead guitar, Andrew Hollifield on bass, and Johnny Stubblefield behind the sticks. With a full tour of the east coast and points west in the works, this is a band in command of their sound, bringing strong songs in hard times to towns across the country. Keep your head up.

About Orion & The Melted Crayons:

Based in Charlottesville VA, Orion and the Melted Crayons creates their signature sound by blending developing lyrics, intricate harmonies and musicality with smacking grooves. With a penchant for finding the joy in the world, the TMC catalog contrasts soaring highs and everyday vibes with poignant pain atop a bed of sweet chords and interlocking poly-rhythm. The songwriting is centered around hope being our umbrella from the world.

​Songwriter and producer Orion Faruque, a Charlottesville native, returned to Virginia after years spent traveling the continental US. He promptly got to work assembling a team of multi- instrumentalist’s to support his songwriting. With 3 acoustic style releases in 2018, the sound was received as a 'chill and relaxing' listen. The upcoming debut album, The Good Stuff, adds a neo-soul, rock and indie sound while still touching on the original Appalachian roots of the project.

Over the course of a couple years, the band has grown from an acoustic based project to a full blown funk rhythm section comprised of Electric Guitar, Violin, Mandolin, Trumpet, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Drumset and Bass Guitar. The band loves swapping instruments to better serve the song so you may find them playing musical chairs during their next show.

​As the Melted Crayons, the band's musical friendship brings a dynamic and conversational feel to the songs. They are constantly learning from each other and expanding their musical knowledge. TMC scales from a duo/trio for smaller venues all the way up to a full band for large venues.

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