Technical Information

Type of Venue

Traditional proscenium theater with open floor on the auditorium, fixed theater seating on the main balcony, and café style seating on the upper balcony. One bar is located within the theater on the upper auditorium level, and one bar in the basement off of the lower auditorium level.


Main Auditorium- 640
Main Balcony- 155
Upper Balcony- 49
Sellable Capacity- 750

Stage Dimensions

Stage Lip to upstage wall – 40 feet
Stage Lip to FOH – 47 feet
FOH platform – 7’ x 13’6”
Stage Height – 4 feet
Stage Width – 28’4” feet at proscenium
Wings – SL 10 feet (staircase to green rooms in USL corner), SR 10 feet (12x12 equipment cage in USR corner)
Stage Lip to rear curtain – 22 feet
Curtain Legs from Proscenium – 7 feet, 13 feet
Deck to lighting battens – 20 feet (to bottom of light – 18’4”)
Deck to curtain leg battens – 23 feet
Deck to rear curtain batten – 30 feet

All curtains are black. All battens are dead hung. Upstage curtain is bi-parting but is not on a track.

Loading Access

Double doors on the upstage wall, which leads to a loading dock with a (steep) ramp and stairs to street level. Loading dock only accessible with ramp. Trucks and trailers must unload to street.


On-street parking is available behind the theater on Water St. Additional parking is available at the Charlottesville Pavilion, which is 5 blocks away. Shore Power available at both locations. The rear of venue is brick with large green stage doors and is located between 1st and 2nd Streets.

111 E Water St.
Charlottesville, VA 22902

House Audio

Yamaha PM5D – RH V2 48ch Digital Mixing Console
Denon CD player
Denon CD recorder
1/8” iPod input

Main Line Array Speaker and Amp Package
14 – NEXO GEO S12 Tangent array modules (7/side)
4 – EAW 528z dual-18” subs

Fill systems for Upper Balcony
3 – JBL SRX 712M (mono zone speakers)

Fill speakers for under Main Balcony
11 – QSC AD S82H on 3 tiers of delay

Center fill speakers – 2 QSC AD S282H driven directly from stereo matrix on console

All speakers are driven by QSC amps, except the Nexo speakers, which are driven by two NEXO 4X4 power amps. Total main system power, excluding fills, is 36,000 watts rated into actual connected load.

System is processed by a BSS London processor array. Normal inputs from console (left, Right, Sub) are via 96KAES/EBU link. Inputs for stereo center fills are analog. Main feeds may also be taken analog if desired. The system has 4 main performance modes:
1. Digital inputs (L/R)
2. Digital inputs (L/R/subs)
3. Analog inputs (L/R)
4. Analog inputs (L/R/subs)

Monitor System

Midas Sienna 48x16 Analog mixing console

Outboard gear
1 – Yamaha digital effects processor
1 – Presonus ACP-88 8-channel comp/limiter/gate
11 channels of Ashly 31 band eq

12 JBL SRX712M Bi-amplified Floor Monitors on 8 total mixes, including cue
1 – Biamplified Drum fill using one (or two) JBL Floor Monitor(s) and 2 – single 18” JBL subs
2 – Tri-amplified Side fills, each with 2-double 18” subs and one EV X-array top (12” + 2”)

Wedge mixes are bi-amplified with Lab-gruppen amps, C-48:4 on lows and C10:8x on highs. Each mix has 1,325 watts available (at 4 ohms).
Drum box uses QSC PL4.0 to drive subs and top(s).
Side fills use QSC PL6.0 on subs, PLX3402 on mids and PLX 2402 on highs.

2 Shure KSM32
1 Shure KSM137
2 Shure SM81
8 Shure SM58
4 Shure Beta 57A
8 Shure SM57
2 Shure Beta 52
3 Audix D4
1 Audix D6
2 C535 EB condenser
2 Rode NT5 pencil condenser 
1 Rode NT4 stereo condenser
1 Sennheiser e609 
3 Sennheiser e604
1 Sennheiser e614
1 Sennheiser e901
2 Sennheiser e902
4 Sennheiser e904
4 Sennheiser e906
2 Sennheiser e905
2 Sennheiser e914
6 Sennheiser e935
2 Sennhesier MK4
1 OM6 (MON talk back)
1 Shure PG48 (FOH talk back)

House Lighting

The installed house lighting rig consists of 17 ETC 4-circuit Smart Bars with 11 hung from battens in the stage house, 4 mounted in the opera boxes about 15’ from the downstage edge, and the other two mounted on vertical ladders in the third floor balcony. Each bar can drive four 600-watt instruments. Please see the attached drawing for details.

8 LED Slim Pars mounted on the upstage batten.

The house console is an ETC Element 60-250 located at FOH.

All lighting battens are ~20 feet from the ground.


  • Two lockable green rooms (one large, one small – Headliner and Support, respectively) equipped with comfortable couches, chairs, rugs, lamps and other miscellaneous items
  • One Production office with phone and data.
  • One full bathroom with shower, two sinks, and a toilet.

All hospitality areas offer free high-speed wireless Internet. All areas are located under the stage with a stairwell that brings you to the upper stage left corner.

The Jefferson is located on Charlottesville’s renowned Downtown Mall, a pedestrian area with historic buildings that feature a wide variety of restaurants, record stores, bookstores, galleries, and shops.